Epass Renewal Applications Process-How to get Epass password, Application Number?

how to submit epass Renewal Application in epass.cgg.gov.in..
Epass Renewal Applications how to fill in online?,how to get epass password?,how to get epass application number?,How to submit epass renewal application in online epass.cgg.gov.in.

ePASS Applications academic years,epass- Electronic Payment & Application System of Scholarships for professional courses students,Graduates other students.Present this is time to renewal all previous applied students now.except 1st year.

Telangana Epass Fresh & Renewal Scholarships online Application at telanganaepass.cgg.gov.in

How to Renewal Epass Applications?
1.Visit the epass website: http://epass.cgg.gov.in/
Epass home page appearance look like as follows

2.Select the option Renewal Applications After visit renewal epass application Like the following image as appeared.
Renewal Application Form for 2014-15 year you need to enter the details like as follows below: 1.epass Applications ID or epass Applications  number,
2.User ID and

1.How to get Epass Application Number?
For knowing your Epass Application Number visit http://epasswebsite.cgg.gov.in/ website first.
After entering to that you should select the Application Number button as shown on image.
know your epass application number:
1.Enter Academic Year:
2. SSC Exam Number:
3.SSC Year of Pass:
4. SSC Pass Type: Reg/Supply
5. Date of Birth:
After this you can get a Number of epass application.

2. Epass User Id:
For example your Application Number is 2011-12345678
User Id is 12345678 like that with out year remaining number is the your epass application Id.

3.How to get Epass Password:
For knowing your Epass Application password visit the following website:
http://epassrenew.cgg.gov.in/ForgotPassword.do” It can shows the following image. Enter the following detaails.
1.Enter your epass Application ID:
2.SSC Pass Type : Reg/supply
3.SSC HallTicket Number
4.SSC Pass Year:

And goto GET Details after you Enter your Email Id .Epass Password Send to your Email id as mentioned on it.

Now you have all the above mentioned details 1.epass Applications ID or epass Applications  number,
2.User ID and
3.Password. Enter by visiting http://epassrenew.cgg.gov.in/StudentRenewal1213.do

Now should enter the following details.
1.Cet Rank her cet cet means Eamcet/ECET/ICET Etc..
2.Cet hall ticket Number
3.Cet passing year.
Present year college opining date it means when your college starts for this year. Like date/month/year.
Scholarship type like Day scholar, SMH,CAH.
 Mobile number and Address details.
After this upload the documents like
1.Previous year marks certificate
And submit this is the process to get a Epass Renewal scholarship.
Epass 2014-15 fresh Application starts soon Apply Now
Epass Password -http://epassrenew.cgg.gov.in/ForgotPassword.do

Epass Application Number-http://epasswebsite.cgg.gov.in/

Epass Renewal Application  2014-15 is starts 

Telangana Epass Fresh & Renewal Scholarships online Application at telanganaepass.cgg.gov.in

Telangana Epass Fresh & Renewal Scholarships online Application at telanganaepass.cgg.gov.in

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