CBSE Open Book Exam Study Material, scheme of CBSE Open Book Exam

CBSE Open Book Exam study material for class 9, 10 and 11… 
CBSE releases material for open book exam, The CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) is introducing an 'OPEN BOOK Exams' section in the final exams for class 9, 10 and 11 from the current academic year. The change also includes Class 12 but shall be brought into practice only from next year onwards i.e. 2014-15, now all official procedure for holding the open book exam in schools affiliated to the Central Board Secondary Education (CBSE) have now been completed. CBSE released the text and pictorial material from which the question paper for the Open Text Based Assessment (OTBA) will be prepared.

OTBA will be conducted only for Std IX and XI as part of the final exams in March. For Std IX, the OTBA material has been released for all main subjects including English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science and Social Science. For Std XI, the text material is for Geography, Economics and Biology. OTBA will be applicable only to these subjects this year.

The question papers in main subjects at Summative Assessment (SA)-II will be of 90 marks (in English, of 70 marks + 20 marks for assessment of speaking and listening skills) based on prescribed syllabus and question paper design. The question paper in each main subject will have a separate section of 10 marks for OTBA.

Some salient features of CBSE's Open Book Exam
This section will carry 20% weight age, what is in the text material? Text material for each subject is between 12-18 pages, it is inclusive of diagrams and illustrations, Text material for each subject is divided into two themes, Themes are relevant not only to existing syllabi, but also recent events Uttarakhand tragedy is discussed for the theme 'Environment and Development' Theme in Mathematics discusses about area and distance through planning of garden layout

How exam will be conducted
OTBA only for std IX and XI
OTBA will be part of SA- II
10 marks (out of 100) will be for OTBA
OTBA question paper will have maximum of three questions
Each school will have to prepare its own question paper

Text material will be made available to students inside exam hall for reference.
CBSE Std. XI open book exam details are announced, The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has announced the for Geography, Biology and Economics open text-based assessment (OTBA) which will account for 10 marks

Geography, Biology and Economics annual exams will be conducted by the schools as per the past practice but the question papers will be set by the teachers as per the syllabus and CBSE has design question paper as per prescribed, for these subjects question papers will have an OTBA section of 10 marks on one of the open text materials supplied by the Board, The questions for the OTBA section will be supplied by the CBSE through Integrated Test Management System (ITMS) in the months of February/March 2014. OTBA is applicable only to std. IX and XI. For std. XI the text material is for Geography, Economics and Biology. OTBA will be applicable only to these subjects this year.

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